T and B Technologies
       Custom Client and Cloud Based Applications

Custom Applications

T&B Technologies can customize the applications you currently use or create new applications that allow you to improve the workflow and productivity of your business. With customized applications you will no longer be limited in what you can do, where you can do it or how you do it.

Custom Databases

Business runs on data and databases store and retrieve that data. If the database you are using is not working properly you are missing critical data on the health of your business. At T&B Technologies LLC we have over 20 years of experience creating database solutions for a range of clients, from small locally owned businesses to large international corporations. This experience can be put work for you helping you gain the information you need to improve the performance and success of your business.

Custom Application and Database Services

Cross Application Automation

We can modify the current applications you use such as work or excel to make them work together to meet your specific needs. Reducing or eliminating the time it takes to transfer data from one application to another, thereby saving you hours of valuable employee time and allowing you to access data for analysis much quicker

Cloud Based Applications

We hook the applications you use up to internet based storage. Having the data stored in the cloud (internet) gives you secure access to that data from any device at any time, so information entered on a website by customers or from a client application by employees is available in the office applications you use to run your business, at home or on your smart phone while on the go.

Cross Device Automation

We create connections between the different devices you use. So for example, the information you entered in an application on your phone appears in the applications you use back in the office and the information you use in the office is displayed in the applications on your phone.

Custom Databases

We create databases customized to collect and report information you need. We work with you to determine what information you need to track then create a complete system for entering data and retrieving reports from the data, so you have a better understanding of the state of your business or organization.

Custom Applications

We can create custom applications to help you run your business. These applications are specifically tailored to your needs and take the form of applications that are run from your desktop or web applications that you securely log onto and are accessible from any computer or smart device in the world.